September 11, 2021
4 months and 13 days since
the event.
Important Announcement: We are excited to have you join us on September 11th to ride with us.  This year we are riding a little later to give you time to get your legs in shape.  Registrations are now open and we are hoping to make this year bigger and better as we celebrate our fifth anniversary of the ride.
Father’s House International is dedicated to see “Orphans No More” and we would like to get you involved in our mission.  Join us on Sept. 11, 2021 for the fifth annual “Cycle the Foot-Hills for Fathers House” or “CFH2”.  CFH2 is a beautiful Southern Alberta bike ride along Hwy 541 into the scenic Kananaskis Provincial Park.  If you’re an active rider and ready for a challenge, the 90 km “Titan” ride is for you.  Don’t be fooled though, this is no ride in the park, it is as challenging as it is rewarding.  If you’re not quite up to that challenge then the 20 km “Masters” ride might be for you.  
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