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The 2018 Ride...
Please feel free to leave your comments on the ride and how we can build this event to be better for next year. Thank-you!
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Training Rides Scheduled
If you live near High River and would like to go out on a few training rides, here are the dates:

May 5th 0900 We'll head out east of High River on a good break in ride to put a few kilometers on the bike after a long winter. Email me at jason@cfh2 if you are interested!

May 12th 0900 Today we're going to do a little bit of hill work with a beautiful ride along Hwy 540. We'll put on about 30 km today, a little bit of work heading west but we make up for it on the way back. Email me at jason@cfh2 if you are interested.

May 26th 0900 We're getting close to the June 9th date and we're going to be heading south from Longview along Hwy 22 through some pretty hilly terrrain. I won't lie, it'll be a bit of work both ways but when we get back to Longview we'll have earned our lunch. Email me at jason@cfh2 if you are interested.

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