I don't feel I can participate in the Bike ride, is there any way I can help?  
Yes, we need many volunteers to make this a successful day.  Please feel free to contact the organizer at jason@cfh2.com to become part of the team.

What is the fundraising goal for each participant?
We would like each participant to raise at least $250 or if you are registering as a family then you can qualify by raising $400 per family.  These funds are tax deductible for all those that are contributing to your total.

How do I raise the funds?
Talk to your friends and family and tell them what you are doing and that they can donate to your fundraising goal on this website by clicking on the "Donate to a Participant" tab on the homepage.  You must be registered as a participant prior to them donating.
If you would like business cards with the website, please contact the organizer at jason@cfh2.com and some can be sent out to you to help you in your goal.